About me

Well, what to say? A description of my personality? Telling you, the reader, all about my hobbies, interests and such? I will, but first let me show you a picture of me so you know whose portfolio you’re looking at right now:

This is me

Of course, a picture isn’t enough. You’ll need more to find out if I’ll fit in as an intern. It’ll be hard for me to write about my own personality in an accurate fashion, simply because I view myself differently from someone else, and a third person might use an entirely different set of words to describe me. That’s why I encourage you to contact me, write an email or talk with me face to face so you can define your own set of words that would describe me. But since you’ve come this far and took the trouble and time to actually read this, here’s how I view myself;

I’m a positive and creative young man, who enjoys finding solutions to problems and puzzles. I love obtaining knowledge from a wide range of subjects, and keep an open mind for opinions. Even though I’m not very good at handling criticism of any sort, whether it’s meant constructively or not, I will work on the point criticized at the best of my ability after my initial (sadly, often defensive) response. However, by learning new tricks to improve in games or work, I try to improve myself constantly as long as those tricks don’t impair quality and accuracy.

Now, in terms of hobbies and interests, you might have already seen that game design, programming and participating in Game Jams are amongst them. In my description above, you might also have guessed gaming, puzzles and such. One game I particularly enjoy is Dungeons and Dragons. Its freedom it gives players still astounds me, and I enjoy watching just as much as playing because players sometimes come up with the strangest actions in order to achieve their goals. It also requires you to put in more effort into playing it, and to use your imagination and creativity to its max. Besides these ‘lazy’ interests (you don’t really move much except for travel and your hands) I have also done several years of Taekwondo and ballroom dancing. This makes it a good mix of activities to keep improving myself.

If you’re interested in some more facts and information I haven’t mentioned yet, just download my C.V. if you haven’t got it already: CV Curriculum Vitae Robin Fokker Game Design English

Or if you prefer to get in touch for some more in-dept info: 

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